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Bath, shower and jacuzzi...

The bathroom is one of the most important corners of our home... The bathroom, used more in everyday life and visited many times every day, has started to receive the attention it deserves in recent years. Not long ago, 30-40 years ago, not even a bathtub was used and people washed with hot water on a stool. Today, the bathroom has become a fashion and culture with bathtubs, showers, jacuzzis, bathroom cabinets, toilets, sinks and many more accessories than we can count. In this corner, we provide you with information about innovations and technical information about sanitary ware.

We will try to give detailed information on many topics. I'm sure this information will be very useful in your new home or bathroom renovation.

Today's topic is the bathtub, shower and jacuzzi...

In ancient times, bathtubs were made of many materials, such as iron casting, marble powder casting, fiberglass and sheet metal. These materials have been replaced by acrylic materials due to disadvantages such as paint on their surfaces, weight, difficulty in assembly, difficulty in cleaning and rust. Acrylic is an advantageous material in every way. There is no paint on the outer surface of the acrylic. Since it is a homogeneous plate, it has no problems such as yellowing, fading or color removal. Because it sits on stainless steel legs, it can be placed directly on ceramic

can be placed. It does not require materials such as mortar, plaster or cement. Since its legs are adjustable, it can be easily leveled and tilted. Because the front cover can be opened in the event of malfunctions arising from sewage drainage, it can be repaired without breaking or breaking. It is hygienic and does not contain impurities or bacteria on its surface. In case of scratches, it can be polished with polishing paste and the scratches removed.

Bathtubs are divided into three groups: flat bathtubs, oval (corner) bathtubs and shower trays. First of all, you should choose a size suitable for the square meter of your bathroom. Make sure there are no recesses or protrusions where you place the tub. In such cases, there will be a gap between the bathtub and the wall. When planning - if you are going to put a shower cabin - pay attention to the position of the window. The surface of the window should not coincide with the length profile of the shower cabin. There are a few things to keep in mind when adjusting the location of your bathtub faucet. The faucet must be higher than the height of the bathtub. The recommended size is 25 cm above the bathtub. If the tub needs to sit

The faucet must not fit into the seat. It becomes difficult to shower while standing and when sitting, the faucet digs into your back. You can also install a built-in faucet by drilling into the top of the tub, but I don't recommend this because of the lime content of our water in TRNC conditions. It can cause problems in the long run. The sewage drainage should also be adjusted according to the size of the bathtub. The further the drain is from the tub hole, the slower the water flow. We need to pay attention to this issue as well. Do not forget ! All these settings must be done before the ceramics. One last warning: Let's assemble our bathtub last in the bathroom, and after installing it, remove the protective nylon layer on it for the last time if it will not be used for a long time. When installing, we should definitely use quality antibacterial silicone and use molding on the edge of the tub for aesthetic reasons.

Let's also give information about the jacuzzi.

Although we do not recommend it due to the lack of water in our country, the jacuzzi is an integral part of the bathroom in our stressful world. The Jacuzzi is the motorized version of the bathtub. Logically, thanks to the motor it has inside, the same water circulates and massages with the pushing force of the water. It gives great pleasure with the regulation of blood circulation, the massage effect and the comfort of water. First of all, when choosing a jacuzzi, we should choose the size that we can sleep comfortably. We must definitely buy guaranteed products. We should not buy unregulated products produced under the counter. We need to install at least 3x1.5 ground wire where we will place the hot tub. The jacuzzi is installed completely like a bathtub. The only difference is the electrical connection. It would be better to use an independent fuse or radiator breaker when making electrical connections. There are 2 types of motors in the hot tub. The typical hot tub has a pump of about 1 HP and corresponding water outlet jets.

The number of jets can be increased depending on the engine power. In addition, with the optional installation of a second motor (fan system), air massage is provided through micro jets placed at the bottom of the bathtub. Optionally, accessories such as handles, grips, cushions and projectors can also be used. Since the motors are pneumatic, there is no contact between water and electricity. Of course, if the installation is done by authorized people who know their job...

Do not buy poor quality, unbranded products that do not have a warranty and quality certificate. The warranty and quality certificates must be approved by the Ministry of Industry. Remember that anyone can print any document they want at the printer. Don't put your health at risk by using fake and poor quality products.


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