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Shower Cabin Bearing (Wheel) Maintenance

Shower cabin bearings are the parts that enable the cabin windows to move. The quality of the bearings used in cabin production is very important. The balls inside the bearings must be produced from stainless material. If the balls become rusty, rust will flow through them over time and the balls will stop rotating. For this reason, the wheels disperse and cause the cabin glass to break.

In addition, the raw material of the wheels must be of high quality. If poor quality bearings are used, the bearing cannot carry the weight of the glass and it will break from the hub or the bearings will fall apart. In this case, glass breakage may occur.

Maintenance of cabin wheels is very easy. We need to apply Vaseline to the aluminum rails on which the wheels run once a month. Vaseline ensures quiet operation of the wheels and prevents water from entering the bearings. If water enters the balls and the shower cabin is not used for a long time, lime residue in the water makes it difficult for the balls to rotate.

If the wheels of your cabin come off the top or bottom rails, if the wheels do not turn, or if they make an annoying noise when the door opens and closes, the wheels should definitely be serviced and replaced by expert teams if necessary.

If the movable door needs to be removed, the lower wheels must first be separated from the slide by pressing the 1 cm protrusion on the lower wheels, and then the door must be removed by lifting the glass from the upper slide.

Please do not use cabins from brands you do not trust.

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